A Method for Self-Discovery

​Popular Western astrology tends to focus on the interpretation of personality and events. However, as we, as a culture, rediscover our spiritual foothold, we need to reexamine astrology’s true intent. Astrology’s true role is meant to be a tool for spiritual awareness. 

Edgar Cayce and several other key New Thought thinkers in the 20th Century reintroduced to us the concept of spiritual purpose. Thus, the interpretation of your birth chart can indicate what your soul chose to experience in this life. Your chart shows your talents and experiences, and can point you towards a way for you to fulfill these goals by using your free will. Soul astrology is not a predictive method, but rather, a method that examines your potential expression. You will learn how astrology can be used as a helpful tool for self-discovery.Astrology is not a fatalistic structure; nor is it one that must be abided by and no other thing.

Astrology is one means of finding self and that is the key to Astrology — the discovery of self, of what makes your emotional structure, you as an individual, react in the Universe the way you do. From that understanding of self, each is able to better understand and merge and cope with each other.

— Seraph Julian, 1976